Rebuilding Val's Children's School

See a post earthquake updates here!

Many are asking how they can help rebuild the orphanage founded by Pastor Val. Recently we received a report from friends in Haiti that we will be working closely with in this project. Thank you for considering what part you will play in this effort.
PART 1 -  keep the children safe and well nourished.  We need to raise funds to insure a daily supply of basic needs are met.  (approx $500.00 per month to $1000 a month)
PART 2 - hire locals to chip away at the rubble, saving as much building material as possible.   Approximately 12 Haitians to work each day to clear the site may be the way to go.  They do not have any heavy equipment so they must chip by day....with small hammers and shovels.  I do not know how long this will take since the buildings are very large.  Once labor has begun but could be 3 to 4 months...perhaps faster if funds are available for special equipment.  Approx cost for labor - $10,000 to $15,000
PART 3 - Rebuild Church.  The church is the center of the community.  Once the church is done, children can be moved from the chicken house to the church temporarily until their living quarters are complete.  Skilled builders have been identified, looking for work and are ready to go.  Approx cost - $75,000 to $90,000
PART 4 - Rebuild the living quarters (to include toilets). Would like to have a "Boys Dorm" and "Girls Dorm".  Enough space for current children and more space for additional children who may be orphans as a result of the earthquake.  Separate rooms for Irma (Pastor Val's sister) and older boys and girls.  Also, 2 guest rooms (men and women) for American visitors associated with Val's who will contribute their time and labor to future projects.  Approx cost - $100,000
PART 5 -  Kitchen/Food Pantry.  Cooking facility with propane stove(s).  Rat proof & Thief proof storage for all food goods.  This kitchen will be closely assigned to classroom area open room for feeding meals (see PART 6).  Approx cost - $30,000
PART 6 -  Classrooms for school, complete with desks, chalkboards, school supplies, etc..  Approximately 6 rooms with an open room for feeding meals to the kids.  Would like the kids to sit together at one or two very large tables to share their meals together (family style).  Approx cost - $75,000
Total Estimated Cost: $325,000
For more information on how you can get involved in this project, please contact Kellee Metty at